Transfixed - S1 E15 | The Physical

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    Khloe Kay is nervous as she waits outside the doctor's office. It's been awhile since she's had a physical... years, in fact... so she's a little worried. Yet, when Dr. Dee Williams appears with a warm, kind smile, Khloe instantly feels the nervousness starting to slip away.

    Khloe follows Dr. Williams into the office and timidly undergoes the physical exam. Every slow yet professional touch from the sexy doctor makes her heart pound louder. She's sure that her racing vitals must give her away, but Dr. Williams doesn't mock her for it. She was 18 once, too, so she knows what the young woman is dealing with.

    Finally, Dr. Williams requests that Khloe strips down and changes into a gown. She needs to have a good look over Khloe's entire body to ensure that she is in tip-top shape.

    Once Khloe shyly changes, then abandons the gown altogether, she can barely contain her excitement as Dr. Williams surveys her naked body, her warm expression turning hot with passion. When Dr. Williams directs Khloe to lay on her back, she obeys, wanting more of that tantalizing intimacy. Under the guise of continuing the examination, they press close and lose themselves in the heat of the moment. They can't keep their hands off each other, and Dr. Williams certainly can't get enough of Khloe's cock.

    Despite Khloe's initial reservations, she's already looking forward to the next doctor's visit!