Transfixed - S1 E11 | Keep It Close

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    Sinn Sage strides confidently into a small barbershop, wearing a striking suit and looking for stellar service. She grabs a magazine while waiting, then looks up to the sound of heels clicking across the floor. The sexy barber, Lena Kelly, saunters close with sultry eyes, inviting Sinn to sit in her chair to be serviced.

    When Sinn sits down, Lena gets to work as she sensually drapes herself over Sinn. She's coy as she undoes Sinn's tie and loosens her shirt collar. She takes some shaving cream and brushes it along Sinn's chin, following up with a razor to make sure Sinn's skin is good and smooth.

    Yet, the tantalizing touch leaves both women yearning for more...

    Sinn pointedly takes the razor from Lena's hand and puts it aside, her eyes hungry. It seems as though the luscious Lena has the same thought as she sinks down to her knees between Sinn's legs and undoes her pants.

    Instead of finding a tender pussy beneath the fabric, Lena is surprised to see Sinn donning a stunning strap-on. Intrigued, Lena eagerly goes down on Sinn's strap-on to get their hearts racing. Of course, when it's Sinn's turn to take control, she greedily tastes Lena's cock in return, knowing the best is yet to come.

    As they give into their desires, there's no doubt Sinn will be back for another close shave soon.