Transfixed - S1 E3 | After Hours With Natalie

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    The city skyline glows bright in the night, showing that its people never sleep. There's always an adventure to be had, no matter what hour it is.

    Natalie Mars and Riley Reyes nestle together in the backseat of a town car, dressed as though they've just come from a dance club. The fire they'd built elsewhere intensifies as they cast each other lustful looks, unable to keep their hands off each other. Once they lock lips, sharing a searing kiss, the world disappears around them. The only two people who exist in that moment are them.

    'Driver, you can pull over here,' Natalie announces after breaking the kiss. She longs to taste Riley again, but knows she's about to taste more than just Riley's lips.

    The driver does as he's told, pulling into a quiet industrial area. He waits as Natalie and Riley climb out of the car together, their hands clasped, their forms backlit by headlights. Natalie's sultry looks have Riley hooked as they slip into the nearest building they can find.

    The place is abandoned, its furniture covered in white sheets, though the dim light helps set the mood. The sensual women claim a sofa for their own and begin undressing each other, eager to see what's beneath their sparkling dresses. As soon Natalie has the chance, she dives into Riley's ass and pussy, making her tremble with delight and yearn for more. After Riley eagerly goes down on Natalie's cock, Natalie soon gives them both what they'd been craving, sinking her cock deep into Riley's pussy.

    The flame that's been fanning all night turns into a raging wildfire that consumes them. The only thing that will bring them relief now is to finally come undone together.