Lena Kelly - Natalie's Rectal Exam

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    Location: American. Come for the wisdom teeth removal, leave with an adult circumcision! (and not a very good one apparently). I made a big mistake at the hospital today--Luckily for my patient, Mr. Orlando, the hospital deals with this exact problem all the time, and has just the solution--complimentary gender transition! I insert a heroic dose of t-girl hormones up Mr. Orlando's virgin butt, and after 3 days in a coma, he wakes up and finds himself in an all new body... I transformed him into Natalie Mars! I have to give a full body check-up to make sure everything's up to hospital standards, so I start by licking and sucking her toes to make sure they have been properly feminized. Then I take a deep look into her rectum to make sure its ready for the massive cocks that will be stirring up her insides soon. It's time to see exactly how elastic her pink fuckhole is--I shove my entire fist up that cunt and fist-fuck her new big hormone-addled butt to test its durability. So far so good. Finally I need to test her anal depth, so I administer a massive dildo directly to her soaking wet butthole, plowing that hungry hole like a cornfield. Watch as I super-gape Natalie's stretched out t-girl asshole, spitting in and licking her wide open twat as she begs for more. Looks like this gender transition was a great success!