Aubrey Leigh - Sofia's Fuckdoll

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    Omg I fucked someone! Kind of. So one night Sofia was feeling pretty dominant, so she puts me in an armbinder and fucks my face. Before not too long she's ready to fuck, so she orders me to get her rock hard with my warm mouth. With my arms bound behind my back, Sofia fucks my ass nice and hard, but she doesn't cum. Sofia has other ideas that don't involve cumming in my ass. I'm surprised as she puts me on my back and begins to jerk my cock until it's nice and hard. Once my cock is firm enough, Sofia then gets on top of me and puts my cock in HER ass, essentially using me as her fuckdoll while I'm still helpless with my arms bound behind my back. After riding me forwards and backwards for a short while, someone grows concerned that maybe I'm getting TOO much pleasure, so they put me in chastity. Sofia laughs as she clicks the lock shut around my now deflated cock. Oh well, maybe I'll get to cum another time. Maybe?