Sasha de Sade - Your Maid Dominates You - CEI

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    MIstress has gone out for the afternoon... usually, when she's in the house, you're my Master, and I'm your obedient maid slave. However, every time Mistress leaves, I drop my submissive persona and become the bossy TS bitch from hell. I promised Mistress I'd keep you well fed while she's gone, but what I didn't mention is that you'll be eating your own cum... and mine Find a realistic dildo, Get on your knees and Follow my Instructions as I order you to suck my dick and jerk your little cock. Suck me the way I tell you to, until I cum all over your lunch, and make you eat it.Remember... when Mistress gets back, I was your 'maid', and you were my 'Master'. Enjoy, bitch boi x

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