Sasha de Sade - SISSY FACTORY

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    Sasha wakes up confused after being transported from the Sissy Factory to the room of Mistress Murmer, who sets about feminising and sissifiying her pretty new toy - Sasha is dressed in a frilly sissy maid outfit, has her makeup and hair fixed, and looks ready to serve the real men who will be paying for her. Before taking clients, Sasha must learn to be fucked without feeling pleasure, so she is put in a chastity cage and instructed to bounce on a huge inflatable sex seat. Once she has been stretched open, Sasha is then bent face down to be trained further by a fuck machine. Finally, Mistress allows Sasha to remove her chastity cage to enjoy one last orgasm before she's locked away forever and sent to work - when she finishes, Mistress makes sure Sasha doesn't waste a drop

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