Sasha de Sade - Sissy Toilet Maid

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    While Sissy Maid Sasha is cleaning her Misress Murmur’s bathroom her Mistress notices the sissy slave seems to be paying more attention to her reflection in the mirror than the cleanliness of her owner’s home. As punishment, the sissy whore is made to get on her knees and continue cleaning using her tongue. Mistress Murmur doesn’t waste time getting the sissy to give the bathroom toilet a thorough cleaning, and loves watching Sasha’s face contort in disgust as she tastes what has been left on the toilet by guests from the previous weekend. After making Sasha show the camera the chastity cage imprisoning her pathetic girlcock, the sissy finishes cleaning the toilet and moves on to stage two of her punishment: lubing a giant BBC dildo with her mouth and then riding it ‘until it hurts’. Once sissy Sasha is squirming in pain with her ass stretched by cock, Mistress Murmur makes her repeat a degrading mantra that helps the sissy slave to remember her place. Too bad this sissy slut is probably too stupid to remember any of it