sapphiresapphos - silent needy fairy in heat

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    Location: ManyVids. while on your morning walk, you come across a tiny pink fairy sprawled on the ground. they're half naked and seem a little nervous by your presence, but also curious. you approach slowly. and forest green eyes stay locked on your movements. you sense that the fairy needs something. desperately.*can you help?* the message seems obvious despite the absence of words. you are unsure how you could assist such an otherworldly being... but you want to. you notice they can't stop wiggling, and their hands are pawing at their small breasts. little pierced nipples quickly become the focus of their fingers. their seductive emerald eyes are still focused on you, watching, waiting for your next move.with every touch on their own body, the fairy grows more desperate. hands grasp skin even tighter, more and more of it becoming exposed to your view. oh goodness - they're rubbing their soft pink pussy too! you finally get to see that pretty hole, which is not only tight (possibly virgin...), but also veeeerryyyy wet. the sight of their magical folds activates something in your mind and now it's clear as day what this creature needs. *your touch*.from thin air they produce a glass wand. the tiny fairy quickly starts inserting the phallic object into their pussy, desperate gasps escaping their lips. wait a second... you feel the pressure of their tight hole around your cock! confused but too horny to care, you give in to the sensations. every thrust of the wand sends vibrations through your rock hard dick. their eyes roll back with pleasure then snap back up to stare at you, begging for more. based on their reactions it seems as if this creature depends on this touch to survive. every wave of pleasure through their body gives them more life, more cum fast without ever truly putting your cock in the fairy, yet you now know every inch of their creamy pussy. the grin spreading across their face says it all... *you aren't even close to done here*.