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    Location: Polish / Florida. In this FEMDOM/JOI/MILD HUMILIATION/EDGING/CUM video you can expect your mind to be blown. I start this daring scene off by showing off my sexy purple fishnet outfit just before I start talking to you about some concerns that I have. Thats right… I’m concerned about you… It seems as if you have an overwhelming obsession with cock… Is that true? mmmmhmmmm… Just as I thought you love cock sooo much.. you think about it all day and all night… your obsessed.. It’s even safe to say you like cock more than pussy. That’s ok.. Your secret is safe with me… MMMM As this scene unravels you can bee sure to count on a JOi. I’m so proud of you. You are such a good boy… Doing exactly as I say… I actually think its kind of cute that your dick is smaller than mine. Watch the finale as I instruct you to edge and wait for me to cum so we can blow our loads together… MMMMM you didn’t know mommy could get that hard did you? See this scene come to a finish as my cock drips out sweet nectar and my toes curl in my sexy heels that I have on. Do you want my load on your lips? In your mouth? In your ass? or maybe a little of each? Enjoy!