Natalie Mars - Training the Baby-Gimp 2: Daddy's Home

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    Natalie has been Mommy's (Goddess Tangent) captive little baby-gimp for a short time now, but there's something Mommy neglected to tell her... she has a new Daddy too, who has been away on business, and "he's" coming home today! Natalie is apprehensive hearing the news, imagining that now she'll be at the mercy of a sadistic man now too, in addition to her already sadistic Mommy. She's relieved and pleasantly surprised when Daddy enters the room and turns out to be an extremely gorgeous and very tall woman (Mistress Damazonia)! Her relief quickly turns to frustration though when Daddy presents a gift for her new baby-gimp... a pair of extremely restrictive, pink ballet boots, with padlocks. After all, babies don't walk - they crawl - and these new boots will insure a new level of helplessness for baby-gimp Natalie. She's locked in them and made to crawl in circles as Mommy and Daddy watch in amusement, clearly enjoying the show with mocking laughter. They then decide Natalie must be hungry - after all, she just woke up from a long nap (with a soaking wet diaper). Mommy leaves the room to prepare a meal for the baby-gimp, leaving her alone with her new Daddy, who it turns out, is horny, and wants to to put her new toy through it's paces. Daddy pulls out her big cock and makes Natalie suck on it as if it were a giant pacifier, shoving it down her throat and gagging her - making her drool all over herself just like a baby! Eventually Mommy returns with a small plate of apple sauce and raspberries, which looks quite appetizing to Natalie after not being given any solid food for a bit. Baby-Gimp is eager to eat, but her meal isn't quite ready yet according to Mommy and Daddy... no, of course not, because babies don't eat solid food. Daddy starts placing the raspberries in her mouth one by one and spitting them back onto the plate, now mushy and saturated with saliva as Natalie looks on in horror. Mommy decides the apple sauce needs a bit more flavor and pisses in it! Noooow it's ready for eating. They put a bib on Natalie and start forcibly feeding her this gross, sadistic version of "baby food." Natalie reluctantly opens her mouth and eats spoonful after icky spoonful, dribbling down her chin and putting her bib to good use. After that it's time to wash it all down with a nice warm bottle of Daddy's piss! Baby-Gimp will just have to get used to it, because all of her meals will be piss-flavored from now on. Poor thing. After Mommy and Daddy have decided Natalie has had her fill, they remove her diaper (exposing her little pink 24/7 chastity cage) and go to work on her asshole! They take turns fucking her with their big cocks, one at a time at first. They decide they'd like to double penetrate her, so they prepare her by taking turns fisting her hole, stretching her out nice and wide so she can take both cocks at once! They both fuck her for awhile as Natalie seems to start enjoying herself. Everything else about her situation may be weird and gross, but having two gorgeous women fucking her isn't so bad. Before she can enjoy herself toooo much though, Mommy and Daddy decide it's baby-gimp's bed time. They put her in a fresh new diaper and send her back to her crib where she'll be kept until they're ready to play with her and torment her some more. Such is the life of a baby-gimp.