Aubrey Leigh - Cum Down Her Throat!

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    In this hot threesome, Maddi Ryder and Sofia Bun make very good use of Aubrey Leigh's holes, especially her mouth. The video starts off with Aubrey and Sofia making out on the bed, which quickly turns into Sofia grabbing Aubrey by the pigtails and shoving her cock down Aubrey's throat. Sofia then takes her hard cock and mounts Aubrey doggy style, and then proceeds to fuck Aubrey's eager ass. Sofia then decides that one cock isn't enough for poor Aubrey, so she calls Maddi in to shove her cock down Aubrey's throat while Aubrey's head hangs off the bed. Eventually, Maddi and Sofia switch positions, and Aubrey gets fucked doggy style by Maddi, while Sofia makes Aubrey's head bob up and down on her long dick. At the end, when Sofia is ready to cum, Maddi and Sofia pin Aubrey's head down so the entire length of Sofia's 7 inch cock is down Aubrey's throat, and then Sofia shoots her hot load into Aubrey. To see more of Maddi and Sofia, check out their Twitter pages: and Directed by Bailey Love (, in association with Tia Tizzianni ( Produced and edited by Aubrey Leigh.