Tia Tizzianni - Sissy Captured: FORCEFEMME 2 SERVE DADDY

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    NOMINATED FOR 2018 VIDEO of the YEAR!!! SEE IT TODAY!So many people ask me how Lily DeMure is such a perfect submissive bottom slut.This is her story. As a sissy femboy she was very nerdy and feminine. A man in her neighborhoodalways admired her very feminine style and demeanor. So he plotted to make the SISSYBOI his own.Watch the CAPTURE SCENE. See Lily struggle and be subdued. She is kept under lock, key,tied and mouth taped until she settled down days later. She is finally injected with a POWERFULTRANSFORMATION and FEMINIZATION medicine which changes her complete mindset.Hours after being injected Lily's body starts to change. Her feisty male attitude fades.She is asked to dress in a very feminine outfit and weakly complies. Once dressedher training starts. Lily is transformed into a gorgeous very feminine girl. See herduring makeup and see the absolutely amazing results. Now as a HOT GORGEOUSGIRL her real FORCEDFEMINIZATION TRAINING begins.Lily's new DADDY teaches her to give him BLOWJOBS and FUCKS her inMANY POSITIONS. See her FUCKED in FOUR DIFFERENT POSITIONSbegging for more. She has made the leap from nerdy SISSYBOI toSTUNNING GORGEOUS BOTTOM CUMSLUT for DADDY.To watch how LILY DEMURE came to be, you have toWATCH THIS VIDEO.~ transformation by Tia Tizzianni ~~ directed by Bailey Love ~