Demi Mundane - Messy CEI 10 Nasty Cumloads

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    NOTE: Before you watch this vid, I require you to do some prep. I want you to save up 10 loads of cum that I can tease you with. Put them in a tupperware, freeze them in a ziploc, I don't care how you store them. I just want you to make sure that before you watch this video, you have your cum put into three glasses in front of you, with a straw to the side, so we can play. Attention you cum pigs: I'm going to make you humiliate yourself with your own nasty loads. Before you ever get to taste your cum, I'm gonna make you get totally disgusting with it. First I'll tease you with it, making you inhale it deeply, getting turned on by its scent and stirring it with your fingers. Then I want you to show me what a cum slut you are, rubbing it on your nipples, dragging it across your face & hair, fingering your ass and rubbing your cock with it... all while I do the same to my body as you watch. You'll get some nice close ups of me stroking my hard cock while I give you a little JOI and make fun of how pathetic you must look using your own stale cum as lube. Eventually I let you have a little sip and swirl it around your mouth, but trust me, we're nowhere near done yet. You're gonna blow bubbles with it, gargle it, spit it to and from the glass, and then finishing it off by downing all that's left in those glasses. Finally, since you've shown me what a desperate and obedient little cum slut you can be, you've earned the right to swallow your own fresh load. Then I leave

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