Natalie Mars - Pulled Pork

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    Mistress Damazonia's little pet piggy Natalie has been a little too tight lately and Mistress has just the solution. She wakes her piggy in her cage and takes her to the sling for an intense stretching session. Bound helplessly, Natalie is stretched in all directions, from her nipples, to her nostrils, all he way to her pigtails. And most important of all, her little piggy fuckhole. Once Mistress has decided she's been stretched enough, She needs to put Her piggy to the test and straps on an absolutely massive cock. Before sliding it in She warms her up a bit with Her fist. That's right... Mistress considers a fist a "warm up" for Her little piggy pet. After that, it's time for the main event and She stuffs Her huge cock deep into Natalie's asshole and fucks her without mercy, making her take the entire length. Once Mistress is satisfied that Her piggy's hole has made enough progress for the day, She presents a HUGE buttplug that's going to stay stuffed in her hole all night to make sure she stays nice and stretched.