CrownedFox - Time with the Girls

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    Time with the Girls
    I decide to invite both of my girls over for some drinks and a good time. One, a "proper" woman I've had some fun with before, seducing her with my feet and the smell of my worn pantyhose. I want to drive her deeper into her want to please me and be at my feet. The other, knows better than to not listen to me, being the dolled up, crossdressing husband of the other woman. Oh what would happen if I were to let it slip that the other girl all dolled up was really the woman's husband... No matter. I instruct them both to go at my feet, removing my shoes and smelling my hosed feet. I then decide to bring up the dolled up girl closer to me, lifting my tight latex skirt to show my cock. I make her take my dick in my mouth while telling the unknowing wife how we should bring her husband along some day. Maybe even dress him up like the dolled up girl... All without me letting it slip. Yet. First half of the video is in the wife's POV, second half in crossdressing husband's. A sequel to "While Your Husband Is Away." Note this is a custom.