Stacy Sadistic - Foot Pervert Gets Spoiled

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    When Joey The Foot Guy decided to share a room together at the big pornography convention, I honestly wasn't expecting anything to happen. Well he is my type, and he is pretty damn charming, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that I couldn't stop myself from lokking at his porn while he was gone. He sure was surprise to find me crankin my yank to his filthy foot porn though! Omg I was so embarrassed when he walked in on me, full erection in hand. That feeling was soon replaced with overwhelming horniness. I was just drooling over a vid of his big hard cock, and now it was just mere inches away? How could I not shove that long dark shaft down the back of my throat? Seeing the look in his eyes while I gagged on his meat made me want to turn him on even more. Lucky for me, his buttons are real easy to push! He just can't get enough of my sexy arches, so when I oiled them up and rubbed them up and down his shaft, I knew he would do whatever I wanted. Knowing I was keeping right on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm made my dick rock hard as well, and I just had to know how it would look and feel to rub our pleasure pistons against each other. I guess I got a little too carried away though because he accidentally blew a massive load. He was trying to hold back but I guess I'm just too good hahaha