Sophie Ladder - Sex Tape with Alice Rivers

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    The scene starts with Alice on top, we kiss passionately as I run my hands along her body. I flip her over and pull down her panties and go down on her for the next four and a half minutes, during which she cums twice! She gives me a brief blowjob, and then we spend the rest of the scene fucking. We start off in missionary as I hold myself up and pound her and she wraps her feet around my legs. After that I fuck her sideways holding her leg up in the air. I flip her over onto her back again and continue pounding away, and then lift up her legs so she is all folded up in front of me as I fuck her. I flip her over again and proceed to go at it doggy style. From doggy I push her head down onto the bed, and then ultimately push her whole body down so she is face down on the bed as I fuck her from behind. For the last position, we resume her laying on her back, legs around me as I cum.(single caveat, there are annoying camera autofocus sounds in the clip, but you can still hear the moans and all the good stuff)