PieAllTheTime - Moon Elf Breeding

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    Location: American / PNW. It's breeding season for Moon Elves and yours truly, Pie, is in HEAT~! After Elven Pie shows off her soft, stretchy holes, she sets to fill her backdoor to ready it for some incumming loads with AHEGAO GALORE~ She fingers and fists before she takes a HUGE facial and spits it out all over her pussy~! Cum makes AMAZING lube and Pie uses her mouth-pie to get her pussy dripping with yummy nectar~! She plunges the plant dildo into her pussy until it cums AGAIN, filling her up once more~! The cum spills out onto her pre-stretched asshole; now It's her turn to CUM~! She fucks until the plant delivers its seed deep into her ass and as you can guess, she let's you watch it all spill out of her cute, gaping butthole~ See ya' around for next breeding season~

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